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A sexual assault accusation can be devastating to the accused. Aside from the criminal penalties you may face if convicted, a mere allegation can cause irreparable harm to your reputation, family and career. To protect your rights during every stage of your case, you need an attorney who is willing to fight for you.

At Swain Law Group in Norman, our sexual assault defense attorneys have a reputation for getting results. We understand how unbalanced the scales of justice can be in a criminal proceeding. We take the time to evaluate any evidence against you and build a strong defense on your behalf. By working with an experienced attorney, you have a better chance of avoiding the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry and have an opportunity to clear your name.

Providing Support On Every Step Of Your Case

Sexual assault refers to unwanted and offensive sexual touching. Sexual assault crimes include rape, sexual battery, sex crimes involving minors and computer sex crimes. Rape, one of the most serious sexual assault crimes, involves forced penetration against someone’s will. The penalties for first-degree rape are five years to life in prison and up to 15 years for second-degree rape.

Sexual battery is the intentional touching or feeling of a body part without consent in a lewd and lascivious manner. If convicted of sexual battery, you may face up to ten years behind bars. When a sexual assault crime involves minors, the punishments are even more severe.

Our team takes the time to deeply examine the facts of your case and all possible defenses. We know how overwhelming the process can be and work to ensure that you understand your options every step of the way. These issues are often sensitive and difficult to talk about. We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment where our clients feel comfortable discussing their case.

You Deserve The Chance To Defend Yourself

When you face an accusation of sexual assault, the world often views you as guilty before you can defend your innocence. You deserve a chance to clear your name and speak up for yourself. At Swain Law Group, we can give you that chance. By providing personalized attention and valuable support, we will help establish your defense and fight for you in court. To schedule a free consultation, contact our Norman office by calling 405-546-1292 or completing our online contact form.