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Expungements: What Are They And Why Are They Needed?

Are you applying for a job? Are you interested in renting an apartment or a home? Are you seeking public benefits?

All of these may involve a background check, which means that if you plead guilty or were convicted of a DUI, marijuana charge or other offense, it will be found — and likely be used against you.

Even if you were simply arrested and never convicted, it could still be detrimental to your livelihood. Many people do not realize this.

How An Expungement Can Help

Fortunately, expungements are available for certain arrests and convictions, including domestic violence arrests, DUIs, theft and more. They allow individuals to remove certain arrests of convictions from their criminal record so they cannot be found by potential landlords and employers.

The expungement process, however, is complex. There are certain eligibility requirements, intricate procedures and specific documentation that is required. Those interested in expunging their criminal record should reach out to an attorney who knows the laws and processes involved.

Our Expungement Services

At the Swain Law Group, our team of criminal defense attorneys helps individuals in Norman, Cleveland County and all throughout the state of Oklahoma with all aspects of the expungement process.

If you are wondering if your prior arrest or conviction can be expunged, reach out to us to find out. We can review your situation, discuss the law and procedures involved.

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