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In Oklahoma, as in all states, a murder conviction is serious. It is not the type of case that can be handled on the side or shuffled off to a paralegal or a new associate. A murder defense case requires an aggressive team of lawyers who will give the case the time and attention it requires. To handle a murder case correctly it is recommended that you hire a firm that has multiple attorneys working on the case.

Our Team Will Not Back Down. We Will Fight For You.

At the Swain Law Group, we do not shy away from hard work and we do not back down from a fight. With your life on the line, our criminal defense team will roll up our sleeves and, together, put in the hours necessary to build an effective criminal defense strategy for you.  The Swain Law Group is the only firm in Oklahoma with an attorney on staff who ONLY handles jury trials.  Attorney Dan Pond spent 10 years as a prosecutor in Oklahoma City where he tried countless Murder and Manslaughter cases.  Joining the Swain Law Group in 2021, Dan has already tried multiple Murder cases as a defense attorney.  Compare other firm’s trial experience with that of the Swain Law Group attorneys.  You will find that there is no comparison.

How We Approach Our Murder Cases

We will first examine the evidence. In many cases, the evidence may not be as strong as the prosecution would like a jury to believe. We will ask tough questions like:

  • Was the proper procedure followed to obtain a warrant?
  • Was the proper process followed in identifying and examining DNA evidence?

Our team will also identify flaws and defenses available, asking questions such as:

  • Were you properly Mirandized?
  • Are the witness statements reliable?
  • Was the act done in self-defense?

Exposing The Weaknesses

By asking these questions under our magnifying glass, the cracks in the evidence against you may be revealed. From there, we will fight to pursue the best possible outcome.

We will put our negotiation skills to work if that is the best way to resolve the matter. If not, we will take your case to trial, arguing in front of a jury to make them understand the reality of the situation and to hear your side of the story.  Murder cases routinely go to trial in Oklahoma because the stakes are so high.  We are not afraid of the hard work that it takes to properly fight a murder charge.

Defense Against All Types Of Murder Offenses

Our team defends against all types of murder charges including:

  • First Degree murder
  • Second Degree murder
  • First Degree Manslaughter
  • Second Degree Murder
  • Negligent homicide

Learn more about each charge and the penalties associated. .

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