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Felony murder charges don't require premeditation

When you think about first-degree murder, your mind might turn to a situation in which a person kills another person as part of a preconceived plan. You probably don't realize that there is one instance in which a person can be charged with first-degree murder without the intention to take a life or premeditation. This is known as felony murder in the Oklahoma criminal justice system.

Felony murder occurs when a felony crime is committed, and a person dies because of it. In this case, the person doesn't have to be the one who actually committed the murder. Anyone who was participating the commission of the felony can face felony murder charges.

Marijuana charges might signal an underlying addiction

Some people believe that it isn't possible to become addicted to marijuana, but it is very possible to become addicted. For people who are, facing the possibility of having to face criminal charges because you smoke it won't matter at all. The only thing that they are focused on is getting their next high.

Approximately 30 percent of people who use marijuana suffer from marijuana use disorder. This equates to around 4 million people. People who start to use the drug before they turn 18 years old are more likely, four to seven times more likely, to suffer from this disorder.

Is a suspended or revoked driver's license worse?

A police officer pulling you over can happen for a number of reasons. Typically, anxiety sets in anytime someone sees those blue lights in their rearview mirror. If you had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel, you may worry that your simple traffic stop could become a more serious situation.

It is common for officers to take drinking and driving seriously. Even if you do not believe the drinks you consumed impaired your abilities, an officer may see the situation differently. Often, if you face a charge for DUI, it is possible for your driving privileges to face some type of consequence.

Understand the seriousness of drug trafficking charges

Drug trafficking charges come with considerable prison sentences for people who are convicted. These are felony charges that can have several collateral consequences, including being branded a felon and losing some rights. This is a much more serious charge than a possession charge so be sure to give it the attention it deserves.

The primary factor that sets drug trafficking apart from other drug charges is that this charge is associated with a higher quantity of drugs. People who are facing this charge would have been allegedly found with large amounts of the drug in question. It is assumed that you are transporting the drugs to sell when you have these amounts, so the charge is more serious than one for selling.

Invoke your rights quickly when necessary

Suspects in crimes have rights that they can invoke if they are being detained or arrested. These are important to remember because they can have a direct impact on the outcome of your case. If you are facing a serious charge, such as murder, you don't want to fail to invoke your rights because this could time behind bars.

One of the primary things to remember is that you should never run from the police. If you know that they are coming for you, contact your attorney right away. If you are on the scene of a crime and they want to talk to you, don't try to run away. Instead, ask if you are free to leave. If they say "no," you are being detained and can invoke your Miranda rights.

A DUI can result in the impounding of your vehicle

Being accused of drunk driving can trigger a host of events. One of these might be that your vehicle is impounded. This means that a tow truck comes to pick up the vehicle and takes it to the lot where it will be stored until you are able to retrieve it. Lots have limitations on how long they will hold cars, so you should try to find your vehicle and get it back as soon as possible.

As the owner of your vehicle, you will be responsible for paying all fees associated with the impound. This includes the hook-up fee, distance fee, lot storage fee and more. This can add up to a hefty sum.

Medical marijuana legalization can challenge law enforcement

With the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, people are having to learn specific points that have to do with this topic. One thing that everyone must remember, including those who can legally use marijuana now, is that you can't drive while you are impaired from the substance. You can face criminal charges if you are found to be operating a motor vehicle while you're impaired from any substance.

One issue that is likely to come up now is that it is very difficult for law enforcement be able to definitively tell if a person is impaired by marijuana or not. Still, it is imperative that they try to take steps to keep the roads safe.

When can police pull over a driver for suspected drunk driving?

Did you know there are only specific times when law enforcement can pull a driver over for a DUI traffic stop? This means that police cannot pull you over without having a specific reason to do so. This is reasonable suspicion, and without it, a traffic stop for possible intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle may not be valid.

It is in your rights to challenge the DUI case against you. Drunk driving is a serious criminal charge, and penalties, if convicted, can range from expensive fines to time behind bars. A mark on your criminal record can affect the rest of your life, and it's worthwhile to vigorously challenge the evidence brought by the prosecution. This includes evidence collected at the initial traffic stop

Strict standards exist for narcotic medications

When people hear about drug charges, they might automatically think of illegal drugs, but these aren't the only kinds of drugs that can lead to these criminal cases. In some cases, narcotics are the substances that are at the center of the matter. Narcotics, many of which are also referred to as opioids, are controlled substances. Only people who have a valid prescription for them can possess these drugs.

It is illegal to have any type of opioid unless you have the prescription with you at the time. It must be in your name and match the type of substance you have. It isn't legal to give these away or to sell them to others. You can face criminal charges if you mishandle these drugs.

Evaluate defense options for a homicide case

Facing homicide charges, which include murder and manslaughter, isn't something that can be ignored. These charges aren't going to go away if you try to forget about them. Because of the very nature of them, the criminal justice system usually takes a very harsh stance against these crimes. It is imperative that you take the time to learn about what options you have to fight the charges against you.

One thing that can impact how you might defend yourself against these crimes is the exact charge you are facing. All murder and manslaughter charges have specific criteria that must be present for you to be convicted. If the prosecution fails to establish the presence of all of those criteria, the case against you will fail. This is when your defense strategy comes into the picture. You need to look at the specifics of the case and find out where you can introduce doubt about what the prosecution says happened.

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