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Oklahoma drug charges: Warranted and warrantless searches

Undeniably, police officers have a great deal of authority when it comes to protecting and serving Norman, Oklahoma, residents. As American citizens, most people appreciate the hard work these officials perform every day. However, just because they are tasked with enforcing the law does not mean they have complete freedom to do as they please.

Like every other citizen in the nation, police officers must comply with the law as they go about their work. For example, they must follow certain protocols when investigating potential drug crimes. To put it in simple terms, they cannot make a legal arrest on drug charges if they broke the law to take a person into custody. Below you will find basic information about how the police must handle searches.

A brief look at self-defense and justifiable homicide in Oklahoma

The very idea of being responsible for the death of someone shocks and disturbs most people. Unfortunately, there are times when the unthinkable happens and a person must face murder or homicide charges after an unintentional death occurs.

Like many other states, Oklahoma gives its residents a degree of power when it comes to protecting themselves and other people. The state's legislature makes it legal to use "physical or deadly force against an intruder." This code also works in situations outside of the home if harm is imminent.

Oklahoma DUI charges: What does implied consent mean?

People who are stopped by the police on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol may be asked to submit to a breath test. These motorists have an important decision to make at this point: Do they consent to the test or do they refuse?

Oklahoma is an implied consent state. This means that when you seek a driver's license in the state, you are implying your consent to undergo sobriety tests whenever a police officer pulls you over for possible drunken driving. Implied consent laws have probably made it easier for the police to arrest motorists on DUI charges, but many people refuse to submit to testing despite these laws.

After a tip, Oklahoma police arrest 4 on gun and drug charges

Four Oklahoma City residents are looking at serious consequences after being arrested on gun and drug charges. Police officials say they received a tip on July 13, indicating that a possible drug house was operating in an Oklahoma City neighborhood. Based on this tip, the police set up a surveillance operation to determine if any crimes were occurring.

According to reports, officers entered the house in question after observing a large amount of traffic at the home during all hours of the night and day. Upon entry, the police found marijuana, methamphetamine and approximately 30 guns inside the residence. Two people were arrested on drug charges at the time of the search. The two main suspects were not in the home when authorities entered, but they were located and arrested later.

First-degree murder carries heavy consequences

You may have few details about the events that led to your loved one's arrest, but you have learned police have charged him or her with first degree murder. You may understand what the charge of murder means. However, what is different about a murder charge that is in the first degree?

To understand what is at stake for your loved one, it is important to know what Oklahoma law enforcement has concluded about the role your loved one played in the death of someone else. Charging someone with first degree murder means authorities have a high standard of proof to meet, and this means they believe they have evidence to make such a charge stick.

Finding the right lawyer to defend you against DUI charges

Not all partnerships are meant to be. This is true in your personal life and in your professional life. It is also true if you ever need a defense against DUI charges in Oklahoma. Sometimes, a defendant and an attorney are incompatible even though the lawyer has a sterling reputation for success.

Unfortunately, you cannot always know the outcome of any partnership you create with a defense attorney. One way to offset the risk of an incompatible relationship is to do your research when looking for a professional to defend you against DUI charges. Use the following tips to help you narrow the field and improve your odds of cultivating a successful relationship with your chosen attorney.

  1. Write down what you want from your lawyer. This can include empathy, dedication to success and professionalism to name just a few.
  2. Make a list of questions to ask potential defense lawyers. Examples include how much experience the lawyer has and how many times his or her DUI defense was successful.
  3. Ask potential lawyers if they have any special training centered on the state's DUI laws.
  4. Find out if your candidates have more than one strategy for combating DUI charges. For example, if having the charges dismissed seems improbable, see how he or she feels about plea-bargaining on your behalf to lesser charges.
  5. When cost is a factor, learn as much as possible about each of your candidates' fee schedules

Woman arrested for murder of missing Oklahoma man

The suspected remains of a 56-year-old Oklahoma man missing since June 24 were found last week after police officers received a tip about his whereabouts. Upon arriving at the scene in Okmulgee County, officers confirmed that the victim was dead. While positive identification of the remains has yet to be made, the authorities have already made an arrest on murder charges.

Here is a timeline of reported events.

  • On June 24, the 56-year-old was reported missing by family members after he failed to arrive at a destination in North Carolina.
  • On an unidentified date, the missing man's wrecked motor vehicle was found in Okmulgee County. It appeared to be abandoned.
  • Investigators began searching for a 37-year-old woman believed to have a connection to the victim's disappearance. Authorities believe she was the last person to see the man alive.
  • On July 3, police received the tip about a deceased man.
  • On July 10, authorities arrested the 37-year-old woman, who is now facing murder charges. Reportedly, the woman has confessed to killing the victim by shooting him.

Group wants special session to implement medical marijuana laws

Now that State Question (SQ) 788 has passed, making it legal for certain Oklahoma residents to possess and use marijuana for medicinal purposes, many are wondering what will happen next. One group in particular, New Health Solutions Oklahoma, wants the governor to hold a special legislative session geared toward implementing a marketplace.

Before the vote, Governor Fallin said a special session would be necessary to "create the framework and rules" if State Question 788 passed. However, she recently announced that no special session is necessary. New Health Solutions wants the governor to reconsider this decision and make good on her earlier statement.

Drugs that often lead to legal problems in college

College life: Do you have a love/hate relationship with it? If so, you're among thousands of other college students in Oklahoma and throughout the nation who say there are things they love about college and major downsides as well. Most students struggle at some point to keep with their studies, especially if they have very active social lives. Hanging out and partying with friends can impact your study habits; it can also lead to other problems, such as those involving drugs.  

Drug abuse is rampant on many Oklahoma college campuses. Whether someone shared a prescription medication with you to help you pull an all-nighter for a big test or people are using party drugs, if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time or suffer a momentary lapse of good judgment, your college career can quickly veer off-track. Facing drug charges is definitely not among the memories you'll want to carry with you after achieving your diploma; in fact, facing drug charges may bring those plans to a screeching halt.  

Should defendants receive a prison sentence for drug charges?

In a country full of overflowing prisons, this question has fueled many debates on the "drug war" in recent years. Prison incarceration has remained the standard for how courts and judges respond to drug charges. Because Oklahoma has the second-highest incarceration rate in America, more and more residents are now questioning this method of penalization.

As of 2014, more than 50 percent of the nation's prison inmates landed behind bars because of drug offense convictions. Many of these convictions were for minor marijuana possession offenses and did not involve violence. This means that roughly half of the nation's prisoners are nonviolent offenders. With prisons dangerously overpopulated, lawmakers are being asked to put some serious effort into finding a different approach.

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