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Is your college student facing DUI charges in Oklahoma?

When your son or daughter went off to study at one of Oklahoma's colleges or universities, you probably expected this to be a great learning experience. An extended time of independence can allow your child to grow and mature in many ways, and that includes learning from his or her mistakes.

However, if you received a call from your child who informed you the police had arrested him or her for drunk driving, you may wonder if this is a good time to teach your child a hard lesson or to step in and help. While allowing your child to face the criminal justice system without your help may indeed teach a lesson he or she will never forget, it may also result in damages from which your child may never recover.

Defense options for voluntary manslaughter cases

A person facing a charge for voluntary manslaughter needs to think about their defense options as soon as possible. There are several that they need to consider, each of which can serve a different purpose. It is imperative to explore all options because you never know how they might work together to create a suitable strategy.

Many individuals who are in this position choose self-defense as the primary strategy, but this is only applicable if the evidence supports it. In order to exert this this defense, you must have believed that your life or someone else's life was in imminent danger.

Cleveland County Drug Court reduces recidivism

People who are facing nonviolent drug charges in Cleveland County might be able to get the help they need for their addiction through the Drug Court program. This program was started in 2000 and is modeled after similar courts across the country. Participants must meet strict requirements throughout the program.

The court oversees the program, but the participants work closely with the Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center. This enables them to address the drug addiction that is leading them into the court system. Not only do the people in the program get help with their addiction, but they also get help with setting goals and formulating lawful plans to reach those.

Dashcam footage can impact a drunk driving defense

Police officers who initiate traffic stops when they have a reason to think a driver is drunk can face many questions if the case goes to trial. As part of a defense against these charges, the person could claim that there wasn't a valid reason for them to be pulled over. There might also be questions about the actions of the police officer during the stop.

One thing that can impact your defense is the presence of a dashcam video. You might benefit from the video if it shows that there wasn't anything that should have led to the traffic stop. The video can go against you if it shows blatant reasons for a traffic stop.

Oklahoma doesn't allow for the use of marijuana

Marijuana is a drug that people debate over often, but there are still laws against it. One thing to remember is that the federal government says that marijuana is a Schedule I drug, so it is illegal to possess or sell in this country. Some states are setting their own rules about this, so people must remember that while they might comply with laws in some states, they might not be following federal law.

In Oklahoma, there isn't any such thing as legal marijuana. Instead, you can face misdemeanor charges for possession charges if it is your first time. This increases to a felony if it is a subsequent charge. All cases for selling and trafficking are felonies.

BAC can play a major role in DUI cases

No one wants to be on the receiving end of accusations from a police officer. Still, it can happen to anyone. A police officer may have recently pulled you over for a traffic violation, and you ended up facing a more serious situation than anticipated.

Not only did the officer suspect you of a traffic or vehicle violation, he or she also suspected you of driving under the influence. You may have immediately begun to panic because you know that DUI charges could have significant impacts on your future, but you also know that you have the right to defend against any type of criminal allegation.

Domestic violence charges and defense strategies

Domestic abuse claims have many components. A person who is facing this accusation should understand the points that are made against them and what options they have for a defense strategy. There are many factors to consider in these cases.

The relationship between the defendant and the accuser matters. Domestic violence charges generally require a close relationship between the victim and the accused or cohabitation for the charges to apply.

Methods used to determine impairment in a traffic stop

Police officers who stop people for the suspicion of drunk driving are tasked with finding out how impaired a driver might be. There are only limited ways that they can do this on the side of a road, so they have to make the most of what they have.

There are two primary things that the officers can do when they think you are impaired. One of these is to do a field sobriety test, which can help them to determine whether you are intoxicated. The other is using a preliminary alcohol screening device.

Know the factors that impact a drug possession charge

Drug possession charges are sometimes viewed as one of the lesser drug charges that a person can face. Unfortunately, this isn't doing anyone any favors because there are many impacts that these charges can have on a person that they might not realize. If you are facing a possession charge, there are a few things that you need to think about.

One of these is what drug is in the case. Different drugs have different laws, so find out exactly how the law applies to your case. You need to find out whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony because this can have a big impact on how the case affects your life.

Felony murder charges don't require premeditation

When you think about first-degree murder, your mind might turn to a situation in which a person kills another person as part of a preconceived plan. You probably don't realize that there is one instance in which a person can be charged with first-degree murder without the intention to take a life or premeditation. This is known as felony murder in the Oklahoma criminal justice system.

Felony murder occurs when a felony crime is committed, and a person dies because of it. In this case, the person doesn't have to be the one who actually committed the murder. Anyone who was participating the commission of the felony can face felony murder charges.

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