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Standing Up For Oklahoma Landowners’ Rights

Recently, the state of Oklahoma has increased its effort to seize private land for its own purposes. Through eminent domain actions, it snatches the hard-won land of private citizens and sometimes offers much less than a fair market price in return.

The state will try to tip the scales of the law against you, but Swain Law Group works to tip it back in your favor. Whether you fear losing your land to eminent domain or the state has already initiated condemnation, you can rely on us to defend your rights. Our attorneys use more than 100 years of combined experience to represent landowners who are fighting the state for the right to keep their private property.

We have a deep understanding of the many complicated issues at hand in eminent domain, including:

  • Municipal hearings
  • Contract disputes
  • Condemnation proceedings
  • Compensation negotiations
  • Civil litigation

Few law firms handle eminent domain as it is a very niche practice area. It is crucial that you have lawyers like ours who understand local, state and federal eminent domain regulations inside and out. We know exactly what you face and how best to protect your rights. Read more about what our clients have to say about us.

Turning Turnpike Expansion In Your Favor

One of the most common instances of eminent domain in Oklahoma is the turnpike expansion. For example, the expansion of the Kickapoo Highway threatens homeowners’ and ranchers’ land throughout the southern and western parts of the state. We will not hesitate to go up against powerful entities such as the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Transit Authority. Our team does everything in our power to prevent or halt eminent domain actions. If this is impossible, we negotiate property settlements that put a fair sum in your pocket.

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When you are up against an entity as powerful as the state, you need representation that is just as strong. When you work with Swain Law Group, you can trust us to fight tenaciously to protect your interests. To request a free initial consultation with one of our team members, call us locally at 405-546-1292 or send us an email. We have six convenient office locations throughout the state.