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Determination Of Child Support Responsibilities

In Oklahoma, as in many states, the basis for a child support arrangement starts with the state’s standards that take into account each parent’s income and the amount of time the child spends with each parent. As you become educated on the process of determining child support, you should understand that the resulting child support order has the potential to be a powerful document in your lives for years. Getting it right is important.

Getting it right will likely include calculating your and your spouse’s incomes correctly. This may not be simple if one or both of you has fluctuating incomes. If either of you is self-employed, legal guidance is critical. At Swain Law Group, our experienced family law attorneys will inform you, guide you and represent you in negotiations, mediation or trial. If you need help enforcing or modifying an existing child support order, we are here for you.

Child Support Guidelines In Oklahoma

When a family law court reviews parents’ proposed child support agreement, the judge will take into account factors such as:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Each parent’s earning potential
  • Medical and dental insurance costs
  • Child care expenses
  • Custody and visitation (time-sharing) schedules

Don’t go into legal situations such as mediation or settlement negotiations unprepared or unaware. With our lawyers’ guidance, you will be ready to put forth your case for a reasonable, proper child support arrangement. Does your child have special needs? Do you and your spouse have a plan to share responsibility for your child’s college expenses someday? Swain Law Group’s respected lawyers offer clear guidance and support for parents during a divorce or separation.

Replace Mystery And Fear Over Child Support With Rational Understanding

Our attorneys have a great deal of experience helping parents navigate the process of determining child support and child custody. We are eager to help you get through this challenge.

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