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How To Know When To Pursue Damages After A Serious Motorcycle Accident In Oklahoma

Motorcycles offer many advantages. They use very little fuel, take up almost no parking space and allow the riders to be outside and enjoy the scenery. Even though they are purposefully loud so as to be readily heard by other drivers, car and truck drivers still pull out in front of motorcycles.

At Swain Law Group in Norman, we understand the mistakes other drivers make that can cause serious injuries to motorcycle drivers. We’ll work with you or your loved one to pursue your best interests in getting financial compensation after an accident. Not sure if you have a case? call 405-546-1292 and speak with a member of our team in a free initial consultation.

Getting You The Answers You Need

We know that after a serious accident there are many unanswered questions. We have created a short list of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand your rights and options. Please call our office if the question you have is not listed here or if you need a more detailed or specific answer.

What are the most common injuries after a car accident?

Always be seen by a medical professional immediately after a motorcycle accident. Why? Because, while many injuries are obvious, such as road rash and facial disfigurement, the more serious ones often are not. Serious injuries include:

It’s important to really understand how long your recovery will take, how much work you will miss and how much the medical care will truly cost. This is why you should speak with an attorney before accepting any settlement offer from any insurance company.

What if the other driver has little or no insurance?

This is unfortunate, but it’s not necessarily the only option for recovery. After pursuing compensation from the driver who caused the accident, we can also review your insurance. You may be eligible to receive compensation there, too. In some cases, motorcycle owners may have additional coverage under their own policies. These sometimes optional and sometimes required coverages include personal injury protection (PIP), uninsured or underinsured driver coverage or, as described on our car accidents page, MedPay.

What type of compensation is available after a motorcycle accident?

Certainly, you can pursue compensation for the damage to your cycle and your medical costs related to the accident. But what you may not realize is that you can also pursue compensation for your lost wages and for your pain and suffering. Without an attorney, it can be difficult if not impossible to know what these are worth.

Do I need an attorney after a motorcycle accident?

Anytime you are injured in an accident with another vehicle or because of someone else’s negligence (for example, an oil slick on the road), it’s a good idea to consult an attorney. If your accident involved a semi truck or tractor trailer, then an attorney is definitely advised. See the next question for more details on other types of accidents that require an attorney.

What are typical motorcycle accident injuries that may require an attorney?

Some minor accidents – including, for example, when you have to lay down your bike or you ride off the road and hit a tree with no other vehicles on the road – may not require an attorney. If you are not injured, then it’s likely that an attorney is not necessary. However, if you had to ride off the road due to debris on the street, damaged pavement or damaged or inaccurate signage, then an attorney may be helpful in building your case and pursuing compensation. Anytime you are hit and fall off your bike, you should seek medical attention. If you have injuries after an accident, then enlisting the guidance of a personal injury attorney is in your best interest.

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