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Domestic Violence Charges In Oklahoma: What You Might Be Up Against


Representing individuals in Norman, Oklahoma City, Pauls Valley, El Reno, Marietta and all throughout the entire state of Oklahoma.

Once The Police Are Notified, An Arrest Is Almost Always Made—Regardless Of The Circumstances

There is a common scenario in these cases: Two people in a domestic relationship — often a married couple or a dating couple — get into a dispute. The police are called, either by a neighbor or by one of the people involved hoping that the police will just help sort the matter out.

However, when police come to a domestic violence call, they typically make an arrest. The alleged victim cannot just drop the charges.

The prosecutor can and often will choose to pursue charges regardless of what the alleged victim wishes. This is not a situation you can sort out by yourself.

Victim’s Protective Orders (VPO’s)

In addition to being charged with domestic violence, you may be the target of a restraining order or victim’s protection order (VPO). This order may prevent you from returning to your home, seeing your children or possessing a firearm.

The Stakes Are High. Hiring An Attorney To Fight For You Is Vital To Protecting Your Future.

Due to the consequences you could face in both the short and long term, it’s essential to get the help of a criminal defense attorney experienced at handling all types of domestic violence charges.

At the Swain Law Group, our defense team based in Norman, Oklahoma (and with offices in El Reno, Pauls Valley, Sallisaw, and Marietta), has defended people throughout Cleveland County, and across the state against domestic violence and related criminal charges, including assault, stalking, harassment and sexual assault.

Compassionate, Aggressive Representation

When it comes to any domestic violence case, we recognize that there are complex emotional issues involved and even further legal entanglements, such as divorce and child custody matters. We understand what’s at stake for you. Our team will start by listening to your side of the story and analyze your case.

We can help you understand the restraining order and ways to challenge it. We know the law and can offer advocacy to protect your rights during this difficult time.

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—Laura M.

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