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The True Cost Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

There are costs and then there are costs. The financial costs of a serious brain injury can encompass years of medical care and weeks, months or years of lost income. The personal costs are much more than that. Why? Because a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can change a person’s personality. This affects a person’s enjoyment of life and can cost them relationships.

At Swain Law Group, we understand the true cost of a TBI. We can help you understand your rights to compensation and your options for connecting to the resources you need after a life-changing event.

What Are The Effects Of A TBI?

Any blow or trauma to the head, even a rapid and sharp back-and-forth movement, can cause injury. In a car accident, a TBI can be caused if glass or metal pierces the skull. Other types of accidents, such as falls or collisions, can result in what is called a closed-head injury, or a “coup contrecoup” injury. This is when the injury to the brain is on the opposite side of the head from the impact.

After a TBI, the symptoms can vary. The most common issues are:

  • Debilitating headaches
  • Balance and coordination issues
  • Memory loss
  • Sleeping problems
  • Nausea
  • Visions problems
  • Depression
  • Serious personality changes

While these symptoms are all problematic, the most overlooked is often the personality change that happens in some TBI cases. Spouses and children often must adapt to dealing with mood swings and outbursts. Friendships are also affected, as the TBI can alter a person’s interests and ability to participate. This is why understanding the full scope of a TBI is important. Our team will work with you to put you in touch with the resources you need to move forward after someone you love has suffered a serious head injury.

Are there treatments that can help a TBI?

Every head and brain injury is different. A medical professional such as a neurologist should always be consulted on the type of care a brain injury needs. ALWAYS seek medical treatment immediately after any head trauma.

There are some common treatments for TBIs. These include:

  • Rest and being away from anything that causes stress or distress
  • Medication to prevent seizures, clots or depression or to maintain alertness
  • Comfort care from a trusted family member, friend or medical professional, which includes daily check-ins to ensure that the person is physically comfortable, able to drink and feed themselves, get to the bathroom and is not overdoing screen time or personal interactions
  • Speech, occupational or physical therapy, which may be rehabilitative and improve a person’s ability to manage after an injury

While very minor head injuries may not need more than one doctor exam and may not require an attorney’s help, other head injuries can benefit from an attorney’s representation. Anytime there are lost wages or significant symptoms that last more than a day or two, it is wise to consult a personal injury attorney. Consultations with our team of attorneys regarding a head injury are free.

What does a TBI cost?

A very minor TBI can cost a few thousand dollars for an initial exam (such as a CT scan or MRI) and some at-home treatments. A serious TBI, which requires prolonged treatment at a hospital, can cost up to $8,000 a day. Rehabilitation facilities charge between $600 and $2,300 a day. During a lifetime, these costs can add up to over $1 million. Sadly, even with treatment, some TBIs cannot be cured. It is estimated that a very serious or fatal TBI can cost $450,000 for treatment that is not curative.

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