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Computer Crimes Involving Minors

The state of Oklahoma has passed several laws pertaining to the sex solicitation of minors. One specific law deals with solicitation via technology.

Soliciting Sexual Conduct or Communication With Minor by use of Technology – as it’s called—makes it illegal in Oklahoma to “facilitate, encourage, offer or solicit sexual conduct” with an individual suspected to be under the age of 16 via computer, laptop or smartphone in any format, including via text messaging or app or a social media platform.

Soliciting Sexual Conduct In Canadian County. What You Need To Know.

Undercover officers have been setting up full-force sting operations all across the state. However, every county is different when it comes to authorities’ level of aggressiveness.

Canadian County officials seem to be the most determined to trap people into communicating with someone pretending to be underage. Per capita, more sex crimes have been filed in Canadian County (El Reno) than any other county in Oklahoma over the past few years.  In addition, law enforcement in Cleveland County (Norman) and Oklahoma County (Oklahoma City) have also started to focus on these types of charges.

Why You Need A Lawyer Now

These charges are serious; authorities will not hesitate to prosecute individuals to the full extent of the law. If you believe you are under investigation, do not speak to anyone until you have retained an experienced criminal defense attorney to advise you of your rights. An advocate on your side is crucial to protecting your rights and preventing damage to your future and reputation.

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At Swain Law Group, our criminal defense team has handled charges relating to solicitation of a minor, child pornography and other sex offenses for many individuals in Canadian County and all throughout the state.  With 5 former prosecutors on staff, our team has been on both sides of the courtroom handling sex crime cases.

Our reputation, our aggressiveness and our ability to get results for our clients is the reason why people come to us for help. In fact, we have handled many high-profile cases that have been covered by ESPN, The Oklahoman, The Washington Post, the LA Times and many other news outlets.

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