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Getting A Lawyer To Help With Your Auto Accident Claim Is Vital, But Which One Do You Choose?

An auto accident injury can be minor, leaving a person with a few cuts or bruises. Or, it can be major, requiring extensive surgery, rehabilitation therapy, and even life-altering, permanent injuries.

If you’ve been severely injured, the law allows you to recover compensation to pay for car accident injuries caused by impaired drivers, drowsy drivers or those texting behind the wheel.

But you should never attempt to handle your claim on your own. Insurance companies are known for offering low settlements, particularly to injured parties who do not have legal representation by their side and may not be familiar with the law and the types of benefits available.

So, how do you know which lawyer you can trust to really get you the compensation you need? How can you get your questions answered.

Choosing Our Team To Handle Your Car Accident Injury Case

Like many law firms, our firm has recovered compensation for many injured. But, at the Swain Law Group in Norman, Oklahoma, here’s what sets our team apart from our competitors:

♦ Our approach: Unlike many personal injury attorneys who aim to negotiate a quick settlement and move on to another case, we are different. We will do what it takes to get the maximum compensation you deserve. We always attempt to negotiate, but won’t hesitate to go to trial and fight for you if that’s what it takes.

♦ Client feedback: Our firm has handled thousands of claims and has established a reputation for providing honest, personal service through positive feedback we’ve received from many clients.

♦ Attorney access: Many law firms will regularly hand over their cases to a paralegal or secretary to handle, leaving clients without any direct access to a lawyer. At our firm, you will always have direct access to an attorney, day and night, from start to finish. With multiple attorneys, each familiar with all of our cases, we have the man power to always be available when a question arises.

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