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Craft A Solid New Family Structure Through Child Custody Negotiations Or Mediation

For parents who have been with their children since they were born, the idea of seeing them less often can seem unnatural and disorienting. Do not be harsh on yourself if you feel this way as your divorce or separation is underway. On the contrary, use your nurturing instincts as a motive to pursue a parenting plan that will work well for you and your children.

At Swain Law Group, our lawyers understand what is at stake as you work out a custody and visitation arrangement in your children’s best interests. Remember: A family law judge will not give preference to one parent over the other. Your child’s well-being is at the heart of your custody case. We are here to guide you as a parent through the separation or divorce process.

Think About Your Long-Term Goals

While you may experience resentment, frustration or other difficult emotions, keep in mind that your family is not coming to an end with a divorce or separation. Keeping this perspective in mind can help you make good decisions now. Our experience and knowledge can be reassuring resources for you as you and the other parent seek a workable arrangement that includes:

  • Physical custody (where your child will live most of the time)
  • Visitation (how your child will maintain a strong connection with the parent they will see less often)
  • Legal custody (who will make decisions about your child’s education, health care and more)
  • Child support (which of you will make payments to the other to provide for your child’s needs such as food, shelter, clothing and transportation)

Are there special needs to account for in a custody and visitation arrangement? Does your child need tutoring, therapy or specialized health care? Does either parent have disabilities to take into consideration? Our attorneys are passionate about protecting your child’s best interests and can help you address any of these matters.

Leave The Legalities To Us

Rest assured that we will keep you educated about what you need to know as we advise you on child custody and support. You should feel free to focus on the interpersonal aspects of your child custody case and leave the legal issues to us. Our attorneys will guide you appropriately and in your family’s interests.

Get the conversation started without delay as you get ready for the legal aspects of your divorce or separation. To schedule a consultation, call 405-546-1292 or send an email inquiry.