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Dividing Marital Property Fairly

The first question you are asked as you prepare to divide assets in your Oklahoma divorce is, “Is there a valid prenuptial agreement?” If one of our lawyers at Swain Law Group represents you, you can expect a review of all influencing factors, including the existence and enforceability of any prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

The second critical issue in an Oklahoma divorce is to determine which assets are marital assets and which have been separate assets since before the marriage began. Thanks to our experience, we can help you streamline the process of inventorying and placing a value on marital assets while at the same time being thorough and meticulous.

Mediation Is Often The Best Way

Many couples find divorce mediation to offer the most reasonable approach to dividing marital assets. If you go this route, you and your spouse may come to a personalized agreement about the reallocation of ownership of the following upon the completion of your divorce:

  • Real estate, vehicles and recreational equipment or related assets, including guns and other collectibles
  • Personal property, including tools of the trade
  • Business interests or investment accounts
  • Pets and other animals, such as livestock
  • Anticipated future payments of commissions or payouts of personal income litigation

Oklahoma’s family law judges do not expect to see a 50-50 split of assets, necessarily, but rather, a fair and equitable one. A judge may expect to see one spouse’s contributions to the other’s professional education or business startup reflected in the property division arrangement.

What if your spouse is hiding or undervaluing resources? Did your husband or wife send valuables to a sister or brother? Do you have reason to believe that your spouse has offshore accounts, possibly including a Bitcoin account? A forensic specialist can help extract this information from public records or bank statements and other records. An attorney from our law firm can help to make this happen.

Get Ready To Divide Your Assets

You do not need to feel overwhelmed at the task of splitting marital property. Let Swain Law Group be the reliable resource of guidance and direction that you have been looking for.

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