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Auto Accident Fatalities: Do You Know What You Can Recover?

Sadly, people all across the state of Oklahoma lose their lives due to the negligence of others. Distracted drivers carelessly cause motor vehicle accidents. Physicians misdiagnose conditions that turn deadly. Hazardous parking lots result in slip-and-fall injuries that in turn result in serious head trauma.

Fortunately, the law allows personal representatives and family members of the deceased to file wrongful death claims and recover compensation.

Types Of Compensation Available In Oklahoma Wrongful Death Auto Accident Claims

There are many types of damages that can be awarded in a wrongful death case involving fatal car accidents. Which ones are available to you depend on your situation.

In Oklahoma, the law allows qualified relatives to collect compensation on behalf of the deceased and include “funeral and burial expenses,” as well as “mental pain and anguish” the deceased suffered prior to death.

The law also allows a surviving spouse, child, or next of kin to recover damages that include “loss of consortium and grief,” as well as “pecuniary loss” from the decedent based on his or her “age, occupation, earning capacity, health habits, probable life duration” among other factors.

Punitive Damages

Oklahoma is one of many states that permits family members to recover punitive damages, those not meant to compensate for the loss but punish the wrongdoer. These types of damages, also referred to as exemplary damages, are available in certain situations.

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The Clock Is Ticking — You Have A Limited Time To File Your Claim

It’s important for the family member to know that there is limited time to file a wrongful death case in the state of Oklahoma. Loved ones have only 2 years from the date of the loss to file.

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