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Changing A Support Or Custody Agreement After Your Divorce

After settling your divorce, it is expected that your life will change over time. If your alimony, child custody or child support arrangements no longer work for you, you have options to change them.

At Swain Law Group in Norman, we will review your circumstances and legal options so that you feel comfortable with your decision. We will take the time to understand your care and gather the appropriate evidence for the modification. With years of helping clients throughout Oklahoma with their divorce and custody cases, we understand how emotional and stressful it can be. You can trust us to provide compassionate and knowledgeable guidance throughout your case.

When Your Circumstances Change, You Have Options

While it is possible to modify a divorce decree, you must have a compelling reason to do so. You must provide evidence of a permanent, material and substantial change of circumstances to the court in order for a valid modification petition. For example, the court may find changes in income or living expenses to be sufficient to modify a divorce decree. One party living with a new partner would typically be considered insufficient.

Child custody and support agreements can also be modified in certain circumstances. Like in the initial custody decision, the child’s best interests are the most important consideration. For child support to change, the petitioning party must prove a substantial change in income or living expenses, such as losing a job or becoming disabled and unable to work. In changing a child custody arrangement, the petitioning party must show that the modifications will benefit the children or if the custodial parent shows a lack of stability and an inability to care for the child.

Ensuring Your Divorce Agreement Promotes Security Throughout Life’s Changes

No one plans for their circumstances to change. However, sometimes an alimony, custody or child support modification is necessary to ensure the happiness and stability of you and your child. For assistance with a post-divorce decree modification, contact the attorneys at Swain Law Group. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 405-546-1292 or complete our online contact form.