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Helping You Through The Guardianship Process

When you have an aging parent or see a young child in need, there are ways to step in to provide them with a stable and safe environment. Guardianships allow for the physical and financial protection of those who cannot care for or make decisions for themselves.

At Swain Law Group, our experienced guardianship attorneys can provide valuable guidance throughout the guardianship process. With years of experience assisting clients in Norman and throughout Oklahoma, you can trust our compassionate and experienced representation through every step of your case.

The Support You Need To Help Care For Loved Ones

In Oklahoma, when a minor child or an incapacitated adult can no longer care for themselves or their property, the court can appoint a guardian to take over those responsibilities. In cases of minor children, a guardianship is often necessary when the child’s parents die or become incapacitated themselves. In these cases, a close relative or other trusted adult often steps in to take care of the children.

For adults, a guardianship may be necessary in cases of elderly parents or someone with a severe injury or illness. Special needs guardianships are available to help care for individuals with mental or developmental disabilities who need assistance with their own care.

We can help you with a variety of guardianships and related issues, including:

  • Special needs guardianships
  • Guardianships of minors
  • General guardianships
  • Limited guardianships
  • Special or emergency guardianships

If you wish to become a guardian, you must first file the paperwork with the court requesting that a judge appoint you as the child’s or adult’s guardian. You will then attend a hearing where you provide evidence of why a guardian is necessary and why you are the best choice.

Let’s Work Together To Protect Your Family

Acting as a guardian can be one of the most selfless and compassionate actions you can take to care for a loved one. Especially in urgent situations, the process can feel daunting and overwhelming. One simple mistake can stop or delay the proceedings. Contact us to discuss your case and connect with an experienced guardianship attorney. To schedule a free consultation, call 405-546-1292 or complete our online contact form.