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Marijuana Charges

All drug charges, even marijuana ones, are serious matters

Marijuana charges are something that can be disheartening. In some cases, such as the one that we discussed in a previous blog post that involved two people being arrested for drug trafficking on school grounds, the penalties that you are facing are serious. We...

A pair is arrested for drug trafficking on Norman school grounds

A police officer was patrolling the area near the tennis courts at the Oklahoma's University of Science and Arts at around 10:25 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 6, when he witnessed a motorist driving erratically. He first saw him improperly change lanes before striking a...

Possible defenses to marijuana charges

Facing a criminal charge in Oklahoma does not have to derail your life, even if it's for marijuana possession. Being charged with a drug crime can be difficult to handle and even though it is well within your rights, you should not jeopardize your freedom and decide...