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Possible defenses to marijuana charges

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Marijuana Charges |

Facing a criminal charge in Oklahoma does not have to derail your life, even if it’s for marijuana possession. Being charged with a drug crime can be difficult to handle and even though it is well within your rights, you should not jeopardize your freedom and decide to represent yourself. Here are some possible defenses to a marijuana charge in Norman.

A common defense used to fight a marijuana charge is that the drugs belonged to someone else. Along these lines, many claim that they had no idea the drugs were either in their home or in their vehicle. A strong criminal defense lawyer will force the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the marijuana belonged to the defendant and not someone else.

A defense that can be very difficult to prove in court is that the drugs were planted on the defendant or in their property. The sworn testimony of a police officer is taken very seriously in a court of law and many officers will find it difficult to blow the whistle on a fellow officer.

You can also use the defense of unlawful search and seizure to fight a marijuana charge in Oklahoma. Any illicit drugs sitting in plain view during a traffic stop open the defendant up to a search of his or her person and the vehicle. Drugs found hidden in a vehicle after a search in which the defendant did not give permission will likely not be allowed in court.

If you are facing a marijuana charge in Norman, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise you on the law and explain what to expect with your case.

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