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Are Oklahoma rural roads in dangerous shape?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Roads run throughout the rural areas of Oklahoma, and they have a reputation for something more ominous than the local scenery. Vehicle crashes happen on these roads at an alarming rate, raising concerns about the dangers of commuting far away from the more populated areas of the Sooner State.

Worries about rural Oklahoma roads

Oklahoma does not rank as the state with the worst rural roads, as that dubious distinction goes to Rhode Island. However, it lists as the second-worst state when it comes to maintaining rural roads. Statistics show that 36% of the roads are in “poor” condition. 35% rank as “fair,” while only 29% are listed as “good.”

The less-than-desirable condition means the roads suffer from more than appearance problems. Significant amounts are in dire need of repair and maintenance. Reportedly, many bridges in Oklahoma fell into a state of neglect. Crumbling bridges may present a terrible safety hazard to drivers.

The dangers to drivers in Oklahoma

When traveling on roads that suffer from neglect or poor maintenance, drivers may be involved in motor vehicle accidents. A driver could hit a pothole in the road and suffer a tire blowout, leading to a crash.

Sometimes, the way someone drivers adds to the chances of a collision. Whether roads are in good or poor conditions, drivers could cause accidents when driving too fast or committing other moving violations. Defense driving and safe practices seem like the better choices when driving on roads firmly in need of repairs.

Seeking an alternate route might be preferable to drivers wanting to avoid neglected roads. Unfortunately, finding one may not always be possible when headed to a particular destination. While careful driving could help with preventing accidents, some collisions are unavoidable.