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Evaluate prosecutor’s evidence for places to introduce doubt

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Murder / Homicide Charges |

Fighting a murder charge is a complex undertaking that you can’t ever rush. You might think that everything about a case seems clear-cut but that’s seldom the reality. One thing you can count on for certain, however, is that the prosecutor is searching for ways to shore up the case against you — and you need to do the same for your defense!

In order to prove the case against you, prosecutors have to rely on evidence — and they have to prove each element of the crime. In order to provide a solid defense, we have to look at each item that’s been entered into evidence, whether that’s the alleged murder weapon, video surveillance or statements from witnesses. All of these things have the potential of providing an opening where we can call the prosecutor’s case into question.

As the defense, our goal is to make the jurors question the prosecutor’s case. This is important because a jury can’t convict you if there is “reasonable doubt” about what the prosecutor is claiming. Often, we can create reasonable doubt by pointing out gaps in the prosecutor’s theories and flaws in forensics. Sometimes we can offer a narrative that makes the jury question everything the prosecution has said.

When we are working on the defense strategy for your case, you might decide that you want to know if there is the possibility of a plea deal. We can check into this for you and find out if the terms are something that you will want to live with.

Ultimately, there’s no such thing as a simple murder case. To learn more about your possible defense options, please explore our site or contact us in person.