Homicide Charges Can Lead To The Death Penalty

In Oklahoma, a conviction for murder could lead to a sentence of death. Needless to say, it is critical to choose an attorney who is willing to fight for your life.

This is not the type of case that can be handled on the side. It is not the type of case that can be shuffled off to a paralegal or a new associate. This case requires an aggressive lawyer who will make it a focus, giving it the time and attention it requires.

There For You When Your Life Is On The Line

At the Matt Swain Law Firm in Norman, we do not shy away from hard work and we do not back down from a fight. With your life on the line, we will roll up our sleeves and put in the hours necessary to build an effective criminal defense strategy. We defend against charges of first-degree murder, in which the death penalty is a possibility. We also defend against second-degree murder charges as well as manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter charges.

We are thorough in our investigation of homicide cases. We recognize that the evidence may not be as strong as the prosecution would like a jury to believe. From the start, we will sift through the evidence, asking important questions to identify flaws: Are the witnesses reliable? Were proper warrants used? Was the proper process followed in identifying DNA evidence? Was it self-defense? Under our magnifying glass, the cracks in the evidence against you may be revealed. From there, we will fight to pursue the best possible outcome.

This Is The Time To Fight

We will take your case to trial. We will argue in front of a jury to make them understand the reality of the situation and to hear your side of the story. Of course, we never charge into battle without a plan. There is too much at risk for that. And we will put our negotiation skills to work if that is the most appropriate way to resolve the matter.

Free Consultation About Homicide Charges

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