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A brief look at self-defense and justifiable homicide in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Murder / Homicide Charges |

The very idea of being responsible for the death of someone shocks and disturbs most people. Unfortunately, there are times when the unthinkable happens and a person must face murder or homicide charges after an unintentional death occurs.

Like many other states, Oklahoma gives its residents a degree of power when it comes to protecting themselves and other people. The state’s legislature makes it legal to use “physical or deadly force against an intruder.” This code also works in situations outside of the home if harm is imminent.

Despite this, a defense built on justifiable homicide or self-defense is not a walk in the park. Defendants must be able to prove that their life was in jeopardy at the time the death occurred. However, in some cases, if the defendant merely believed that their life was at risk, a justifiable homicide defense may also be successful.

Attempting a defense based on justifiable homicide is not typically something defendants can achieve without legal help. An attorney is critical to success when facing murder or similar charges even if the death was justifiable. Because lawyers know and fully understand laws regarding murder in their state, they are equipped to advise defendants on the right strategy to use in the courts.

Although it can feel like the world is ending if a death occurs through your self-defense actions, it is wise to remain hopeful and to fight for your freedom. We provide comprehensive information on our website for those facing murder, homicide or manslaughter charges in Oklahoma. Please review our website to learn more.