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Sex Crimes

Can you be charged with rape if you had consent?

Being accused of rape can be shocking, especially if you think you didn’t do anything wrong – and that does happen. Understanding this charge may help you determine what you need to do if you find out you’re facing charges.  In general, rape occurs when there’s...

Why would someone falsely accuse you of rape?

Rape is one of the most egregious crimes anyone can be accused of committing. And while a vast majority of rape claims are factual, a considerable number usually turn out to be false. A false rape accusation can have far-reaching legal and personal consequences. In...

Even if you’re sure, ask for consent

If you meet someone new and your relationship is progressing into a physical one, perhaps after going home from the bar or heading home from a social gathering with friends, it is very important to ask for consent. You need to know that the other person also wants to...