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The challenges posed in policing casinos

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Casino Crimes |

Multiple decades after gambling became a forbidden activity, forcing the industry to go underground, legalized gambling exists throughout the world. The expansion has continued for 25 years, with those once opposed now seeing the financial benefits.

Statistics tell the story:

  • 6,200 casinos, horse/dog tracks, racinos and cruise ships
  • In excess of 3,000 online casinos offering poker and bingo halls
  • Nearly three million gaming machines and terminals
  • Twenty-three states with gaming establishments that generate more than $37 billion in annual revenues
  • Players spend $28 billion every year in commercial, tribal casinos nationwide

Criminal activity

With massive success comes a criminal element. Countless clientele and countless cash on gaming floors and cages present significant challenges for casino security and surveillance officers. Add to that employees who cheat at games they are running, steal from customers, or implement a fraud scheme with a co-worker or another party not working for the casino.

In response, casinos continue installing cutting-edge surveillance cameras and security, continually watching customers and staff members. Employees must stay current with the latest scams while treading carefully when false claims are levied.

Specific efforts include:

  • Gaming chip tracking on tables
  • Studying dealer activities on bets and payouts
  • Identifying chip pocketing
  • Awareness of player collusion

Public relations

While cutting-edge technology can stem the tide of fraudulent activity, having uniformed staff is visible and continually communicating with the clientele. Non-uniformed personnel can be effective, particularly when it comes to vagrancy, which can result in theft and impact the image of a casino.

Profits combined with safe surroundings represent success for casino owners. Staying on top of operations can help to secure high standards of safety and a positive image of the facility.