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Why is speeding on rural roads so dangerous?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Every year, countless lives are irrevocably altered or tragically cut short due to accidents caused by speeding on rural roads. This reality underlines an urgent need to drive not just with care, but with respect for the laws that govern U.S. roads and highways.

While you might be a safe driver on all roads, including those in rural areas, you also have to count on other drivers to operate their vehicles safely. Understanding some of the safety hazards motorists face when driving in rural areas and how to minimize related risks may help you to arrive at your destination safely.

The unseen hazards of rural roads

Unlike urban roads, rural roads can present unique hazards. From sharp bend and blind crests, to variable road surfaces and unexpected wildlife, the dangers are numerous and varied. Speed limits on all roads are set based on what’s safe in ideal driving conditions. Many hazards you’ll find on rural roads require a reduction in the speed you’re traveling so even driving at the speed limit may not be a safe choice under certain circumstances.

Also, emergency help may be significantly further away than it would be in urban areas, making it vital to avoid accidents in the first place. For those who are involved in a crash and who suffer injuries, the delayed medical care in rural areas may lead to worsening injuries.

Implications of speeding are more than just legal

People who speed put others at risk. They can face traffic tickets and other legal action. High-speed accidents often result in severe injuries, if not fatalities, causing tremendous emotional and financial burdens to victims and their families. Oftentimes, these injuries result in high medical bills because of the extensive care they require.

For victims of such accidents, it’s essential to know that you have rights. This includes the right to seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of income and emotional distress caused by the accident, as long as the crash wasn’t solely your fault. There are time limits in Oklahoma for filing these cases, so be sure to seek legal guidance as quickly as possible.