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Mediation can be a viable option for an Oklahoma divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Family Law |

Divorce can take both an emotional and financial toll on anyone. What often makes divorce so expensive is the prolonged periods couples can spend in a courtroom. And when tensions are already high, this can often exacerbate resentment and draw out the time it takes to reach an agreement.

However, there are other avenues available for dealing with these disputes. One of those is mediation.

What exactly is mediation?

Mediation allows couples to settle conflicts out of court at a more affordable cost. During mediation, a neutral proctor (the mediator) facilitates meetings between spouses and helps them come up with a resolution on various matters. Those include issues like asset division, child custody and support payments.

Once the sessions result in a resolution, the mediator will draft up an agreement and file it with the court.

Even if spouses don’t agree on every issue discussed during mediation, it’s a good starting point for couples who want to exercise all possible options.

A neutral approach can help balance negotiation power

Some spouses can become quite dominant during divorce settlements, which can create a power imbalance when it comes to an equitable solution.

Mediators can level the playing field, ensuring both parties have a say in the outcome. If one spouse starts to become defensive or talk over the other, the mediator can stop the session until both parties are willing to cooperate.

What other benefits can mediation provide?

Here are a few other ways mediation can be helpful:

  • It gives them freedom and creativity to come up with their own settlement, which they often can’t do during divorce litigation.
  • Spouses don’t need to worry about having information held against them, as mediation is confidential under most circumstances.
  • Either party can choose to walk away from mediation if they want, as the process is often voluntary.

Separating from a partner is never easy. However, that doesn’t mean the process has to be excruciating. For those interested in pursuing mediation, a trusted legal partner can give them the guidance they need.