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Alcohol monitoring is often required after DUI convictions

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | DUI Charges |

The court can place many requirements on a person who is convicted of drunk driving. Many people have probably heard of the ignition interlocks that prevent a vehicle from starting if there is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage noted in a breath sample required before the car is started. A person who must have the ignition interlock can’t drive any vehicle that isn’t equipped with one.

Another possibility is that the court might require a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring bracelet. This monitors the wearer’s sweat for the presence of alcohol, and it is useful in cases where the person is forbidden from having any alcohol consumption. Some individuals prefer this to having to go for periodic alcohol testing because they don’t have to do anything other than continue with their normal daily activities.

A person who has to wear a SCRAM bracelet will have to pay to purchase or rent the device. The results are either continually reported to the monitoring center or they are downloaded frequently. If the person has any reports of alcohol consumption from the reports that come from the ankle monitor, they can face consequences from the court.

Fighting SCRAM bracelet reports is sometimes possible. There have been false positive reports, so some defendants might claim that this is what happened in their case. This might lead to the court asking for evidence that the defendant was consuming alcohol.

SCRAM bracelets are only one thing that you might have to worry about when you are facing DUI charges. Make sure that you know the defense options that are possible for each area of your case.