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Medical marijuana doesn’t mean everyone can have it

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Marijuana Charges |

Even though many places have decriminalized marijuana, it is still possible to face criminal charges because of this drug in Oklahoma. The state has approved the use of medical marijuana for people with qualifying conditions, but this doesn’t mean that just anyone can have it on them. Oklahoma still has laws that classify marijuana as an illegal drug. Plus, it is still illegal on a federal level.

The medical marijuana industry here is thriving. So much so that residents of Arkansas are hoping to be able to turn to Oklahoma soon to fill their own medical marijuana needs. Our state has a clause that allows people from other states who hold a valid medical marijuana identification card to receive a temporary one here that allows them to buy in Oklahoma. Arkansas residents are facing a conundrum now. Their cards haven’t yet been printed, so even those who have approval letters can’t come here to buy.

As difficult as it might be to know that someone is in pain and that medical marijuana is an answer to it, simply providing them with the drug isn’t legal unless they have a valid card. It is possible to face criminal charges related to handing marijuana over to another person, as only licensed dispensaries are permitted to do this.

For people who are facing charges for marijuana in Oklahoma, learning about the options and programs that might apply can help them determine a course of action for their defense. Even though some individuals might think of these as minor charges, they can have serious impacts on the rest of your life, so you must think carefully before you decide.