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Is it possible to have a drug charge conviction expunged?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Drug Charges |

The mistakes we make during our lives can come back to haunt us in so many ways. Criminal convictions in particular continue to affect a person’s life even after he or she has paid the full price as set down by the law and gone on to become a well-functioning member of the community.

Some of the lasting ways a conviction on drug charges can affect someone’s life include:

  • Damage to personal relationships
  • Inability to rent or buy a home
  • Problems finding long-term employment

Even when the above issues do not apply, those living with a prior drug conviction may simply desire a clean slate upon which to build a future. In Oklahoma and other states, it is sometimes possible to have a criminal history – including convictions on drug charges – removed from a person’s record.

Of course, courts will not expunge criminal records on a whim. People must be able to show a court why they deserve a clean record. In most cases, the person seeking expungement can find out if they are eligible by talking with a criminal defense attorney. He or she will look at the facts and help former drug crime defendants decide if expungement is an option.

Because many of the circumstances leading to drug convictions do not involve violence, expungement is often granted in these cases. This is especially so when the conviction occurred years ago, and defendants went on to live in compliance with the law upon completion of their sentences.

When clearing your name and reclaiming your reputation matters to you, criminal record expungement is a great way to exercise control over your life going forward.