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What types of paraphernalia can lead to drug charges in Oklahoma?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Drug Charges |

While authorities across the nation are gradually changing their view of natural substances like marijuana, Oklahoma persists in charging residents who possess or sell such substances. What many people fail to realize is that possessing items the authorities connect with drug use or distribution can also lead to drug charges in the state.

Because drug paraphernalia is such a broad category, there is a chance you could have something in your possession that you did not even realize was paraphernalia. Further, since many ordinary items might be used to consume, store or distribute illegal substances, it is difficult to find a comprehensive list of illegal paraphernalia. Balloons or plastic bags, for example, could be considered paraphernalia under the right circumstances.

Even if you were not using paraphernalia to consume or distribute drugs, it is important to understand that you might still face drug charges. As such, it is wise to seek legal advice upon an arrest for paraphernalia regardless of how you were using the items. The list below may help you formulate an idea of items that law enforcement officials look for when investigating drug cases.

  • Pipes and bongs used to smoke marijuana or other drugs
  • Small spoons used to dissolve substances like cocaine and heroin before injection
  • Syringes used to inject illegal drugs
  • Scales used to weigh illicit substances for distribution
  • Substances used to dilute the strength of drugs

As authorities in Oklahoma continue to crack down on drug-related crimes, it is up to individuals to protect themselves from drug charges. Often, this means making sure you understand the state’s drug laws as well as the possible consequences (jail time and fines) associated with any kind of drug paraphernalia conviction.

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