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Determine a defense strategy for marijuana charges

Many people think of marijuana charges as being minor. While it is understandable why this is a common thought, you should remember that these charges still have specific penalties here. On top of the criminal matters that come with this drug, there is also the possibility of marked impacts in other areas of your life.

Marijuana is still illegal in Oklahoma

While many states in the United States are taking progressive measures related to the decriminalization of marijuana, Oklahoma hasn't followed suit yet. If you are caught with marijuana in this state, you can face criminal charges. Here are some things to remember about these charges here.

Group wants special session to implement medical marijuana laws

Now that State Question (SQ) 788 has passed, making it legal for certain Oklahoma residents to possess and use marijuana for medicinal purposes, many are wondering what will happen next. One group in particular, New Health Solutions Oklahoma, wants the governor to hold a special legislative session geared toward implementing a marketplace.

What Oklahomans need to know if medical marijuana is legalized

Next month when Oklahomans go to the polls, one of the measures we'll be voting on is an initiative to make medical marijuana legal. State Question (SQ) 788, if it passes, would add Oklahoma to the majority of states that allow medical and/or recreational marijuana, including our neighbors in Colorado, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Take a good look at how Oklahoma deals with marijuana charges

As we have said many times in our blog and on our website, it is extremely unwise to underestimate your situation if arrested on marijuana charges in Oklahoma. Unlike so many other states, Oklahoma remains steadfastly against the legalization of this substance in any form, including medical marijuana.

What legal medical marijuana in Oklahoma could look like

In June of this year, Oklahoma residents will head to voting booths to decide the fate of State Question 788. If residents vote yes on State Question 788, it means they will have the legal right to possess and consume marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Is it still illegal to possess marijuana in Oklahoma?

Across the nation, many states have adopted a more lenient approach to the use and possession of marijuana. Some states have even legalized the controlled use of cannabis. While Oklahoma has reduced the severity of marijuana charges, it is still illegal to possess this substance. As such, facing any kind of marijuana charges could have a deep and long lasting effect on your life.

All drug charges, even marijuana ones, are serious matters

Marijuana charges are something that can be disheartening. In some cases, such as the one that we discussed in a previous blog post that involved two people being arrested for drug trafficking on school grounds, the penalties that you are facing are serious. We understand that you are concerned about your future. We are here to help you learn your options.

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