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Don't get drunk at the office party and try to drive home

Now that the holidays are here, adults will head out to office parties and other social gatherings. You've probably heard the advice that consuming alcohol at an office party isn't really a good idea. Not only can having a few drinks lead you to act in an abnormal manner that might put a damper on your professional image, but it is also possible that it will land you in jail. This would occur if you drink at the party and try to drive yourself.

Reasonable suspicion is important in many DUI stops

If a police officer is going to pull someone over for the suspicion of drunk driving, they have to have reasonable suspicion that the driver is impaired. There are many ways that the officer can meet this requirement. Some of the most common involve watching the person's driving behaviors to determine if they are consistent with someone who is impaired.

Ignition interlocks are widely used in Oklahoma

A person who is convicted of a drunk driving offense might be told that they need to have an ignition interlock installed on their vehicle. This is a device that requires the driver to blow a breath sample into it. This is checked for the presence of alcohol. If the person who blows into the device has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is higher than the set limit, the device won't start.

Oklahoma drug charges: Warranted and warrantless searches

Undeniably, police officers have a great deal of authority when it comes to protecting and serving Norman, Oklahoma, residents. As American citizens, most people appreciate the hard work these officials perform every day. However, just because they are tasked with enforcing the law does not mean they have complete freedom to do as they please.

Finding the right lawyer to defend you against DUI charges

Not all partnerships are meant to be. This is true in your personal life and in your professional life. It is also true if you ever need a defense against DUI charges in Oklahoma. Sometimes, a defendant and an attorney are incompatible even though the lawyer has a sterling reputation for success.

What visual clues does the police look for to make a DUI arrest?

As you may know, tests confirming the level of alcohol in your body are the most important pieces of evidence that could lead to a conviction on DUI charges. In Oklahoma, if testing proves that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measures 0.08 or higher, DUI charges can stick to you like glue. However, the police must often rely on other elements to make the initial arrest.

Factors that may affect the accuracy of breath tests

Police officers have a duty to address any issues that may threaten residents of Oklahoma. Drunk driving is one such issue that can pose serious risks to the public. While it is right to applaud law enforcement personnel for trying to keep roadways safe and as risk-free as possible, their efforts are in vain if the tools they rely on are subject to error.

DUI charges and court ordered treatment in Oklahoma

When DUI charges lead to conviction, judges in Oklahoma routinely order defendants to complete an alcohol education program. Many people see this as a hardship and perhaps an unfair consequence. After all, those convicted are already paying for their mistake, so why do they have to bother with "DUI School" as well?

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