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2 important factors when negotiating a car crash claim

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car crashes are frustrating and often very expensive experiences. People can end up saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in vehicle repair costs and even more in medical expenses and lost wages, all through no fault of their own. Distracted, drunk and negligent drivers cause crashes every day that put people in the hospital and leave them without reliable transportation.

People expect that insurance will take care of them after a crash, but not everyone receives the full financial compensation they require after a collision. These two factors largely dictate how much coverage those affected by a wreck can expect to receive.

1. The estimated collision costs

People making an insurance claim don’t just get to demand the full amount of coverage. They have to demonstrate that they have current expenses and that there will be future costs they need to cover as well. Vehicle repair costs and the future impact of its diminished value because of the crash on its record can contribute to a claim. So can hospital bills, physical therapy costs and lost wages that someone has already not earned and will lose out on in the future because of their injuries. Those filing a claim typically need documentation affirming that they will have significant losses.

2. The policy limits of the at-fault driver

Some people add extra coverage to their own insurance policy to protect them from a shortfall scenario. However, the average crash claim will only involve the policy of the motorist at fault for the wreck. They determine their own coverage limits, which may potentially be far lower than the total cost of the crash. Oklahoma’s requirements fall short of the average used car price and the cost people can expect after severe injuries. No matter how much someone loses after a crash, insurance won’t pay anything beyond the policy limits that apply.

Those who are left struggling to recover physically after a crash may also find themselves having a hard time dealing with insurance companies. Those with crash-related costs might need support when negotiating with an insurance company or evaluating whether they need to take a claim to court because insurance simply won’t be enough. Understanding the rules that govern insurance claims after Oklahoma car crashes can help people more effectively pursue any compensation to which they are rightfully entitled.