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3 ways to prove the driver who caused a crash was distracted

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For as long as people have operated motor vehicles, distraction has been a concern. In fact, distraction was an issue for horseback riders and those steering carriages prior to motorized cars. People become so accustomed to traveling in a certain way that they no longer recognize the dangers inherent in the process. They take their safety for granted and start to make unsafe choices.

In vehicles, the risk of distracted driving is very serious, as people could travel a significant distance at a high speed without noticing changes in traffic around them. Digital distraction, in particular, is dangerous because it may increase someone’s reaction time and prevent them from responding appropriately to the situation.

Those on their phones or other devices at the time of a crash may be responsible it. How can it be proven that someone was distracted at the wheel?

Phone records

Police can obtain certain information from service providers, including when someone transmitted data or used an app. Those details can help clarify what someone did immediately before a crash and establish that the collision occurred because they had their phone in their hand.

Video footage

There are more cameras capturing traffic than ever before. Traffic cameras are standard at many intersections now, which may mean there is footage of the collision and the moments leading up to it as well. Additionally, people in businesses have security cameras that face the exterior of the front door, meaning that the camera may capture footage of traffic.

Dashboard cameras

Finally, quite a few drivers have dashboard cameras in their vehicles. When either driver involved in a crash or someone else nearby has a dashboard camera, there can be video evidence of exactly what occurred. This might include the blue light of someone’s phone in their hand or a clear shot of them staring down at their lap.

Evidence confirming the claims of distracted driving that someone makes after a crash could help you hold the other party accountable for your crash through an insurance claim or a lawsuit. Looking into such options after a serious motor vehicle collision can help you seek compensation for your medical bills and other expenses and damages.