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What if you can’t take care of your kids after a crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Certain personal injury claims are straightforward. Many drivers already know that they can file an insurance claim or a lawsuit to recover medical expenses and lost wages, for example. Other times, people hurt in car crashes may not understand exactly what rights they have.

In situations where someone’s losses are complicated, there may be some confusion as to their rights. For example, perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent who recently wound up in a crash on your way to the grocery store or while headed home after dropping the children off at school. You ended up with a broken clavicle or a brain injury that put you in the hospital.

Proper medical care helped ensure a full recovery, but you may have spent weeks unable to meet your family’s needs. Would you have any right to make a personal injury claim related to the impact your injuries had on your family?

Unpaid services can cost a lot to replace

It is easy for families to take for granted the value of the household work performed by certain family members. Planning a menu, cleaning a house and caring for children are all expensive services if you purchase them from professional providers.

Many families derive more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of unpaid services from a stay-at-home parent who also runs the household. The value of the work that you provide could be part of your personal injury claim. You could also make a claim for the hospital bills you incurred and ongoing treatment costs if you will have lingering symptoms even after you return home.

Underestimating the impact of a crash is a common mistake

Many people only look at the repair estimate from their mechanic or the first round of hospital bills that they receive before they negotiate a settlement with an insurance company. The truth is that costs for your family could continue accruing for many months after a crash occurs.

It could be hard for an individual who was never been in this situation before to know what to expect. Those who hire a lawyer to assist them will have an easier time estimating the cost of a crash and handling matters like negotiating a settlement with the insurance company or initiating a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

Taking the right steps after a car crash, including getting the right help, will help limit the long-term effects the crash and your injuries will have on your family.