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How the proliferation of cameras helps those hurt in crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Cameras have become more cost-effective to carry and use in recent decades. They have also become infinitely smaller. Long gone are the days when would-be photographers would have to invest in film and expensive professional development.

Instead, even amateur photographers can enjoy high-quality results when taking pictures with mobile phones and other digital cameras. Cameras have slowly started to move into many areas of modern life. People recognize that they cannot go to stores or restaurants without ending up on camera. They also know that there are cameras on the roads where they drive.

Every individual that you encounter could also potentially pull out a phone at any second and start recording or taking pictures. Although it can sometimes seem like you no longer have the right to privacy because of how many cameras there are capturing you wherever you go, all of those cameras can actually come in handy after a serious car crash.

There have never been more sources of car crash video footage

The sad truth is that people who cause car wrecks rarely want to be held accountable for their mistakes. They may lie to the police, forcing the other people involved to prove their fault.

Traffic cameras were once one of the only ways to capture the moments leading up to a crash or the collision itself. Traffic cameras are now placed at more intersections than ever before and capable of capturing higher-resolution images than in the past. Thankfully, you don’t have to end up in a wreck at an intersection with the traffic camera to have clear evidence of what happened.

Many people these days have dashboard cameras in their vehicles, potentially including you or the other driver involved in the wreck. There could be security cameras at nearby businesses or residences pointed towards the street that may have caught someone with their phone in their hand or swerving across lanes of traffic.

Finally, pedestrians and other drivers may have pulled out their phones and started capturing video footage when they saw someone doing something dangerous or unexpected at the wheel. If you can secure any of those videos, it may be very easy for you to prove to the police or the insurance company that the other driver is to blame for the crash.

Negligence and illegal activity at the wheel can lead to insurance claims and sometimes also personal injury lawsuits. Knowing where to look for evidence will make it easier for someone hurt in a car crash to pursue financial justice.