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What kind of medical care do you need after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many people feel angry and frustrated when they experience a motor vehicle collision. The crash may completely change their schedule for the day and disrupt their life significantly. Even if the other driver is cooperative, the two of you may have to wait some time before police officers arrive to create a report about the wreck.

You could find yourself waiting for an hour or even longer before you can go about your day. The idea of engaging in another activity that will increase how much time you respond responding to the crash may not appeal to you.

Far too many people affected by motor vehicle collisions make the mistake of foregoing medical care until they notice major symptoms caused by the crash. That approach can be a very dangerous one. What kind of medical care do you need after a collision?

Emergency medical care

If you have a broken bone, a big bump on your forehead from hitting the window next to you or a spinal cord injury, you will likely go directly to the hospital to receive emergency trauma care.

You may not have any say about receiving emergency medical care, as first responders may decide for you, especially if they suspect a brain injury. Those in need of emergency treatment may require ambulance transportation to the hospital and may not even be present when the officer creates the initial collision report.

A thorough medical evaluation

Some injuries are easy to spot after a crash, but many will only be noticeable the next day or even further in the future. Someone experiencing internal bleeding might not realize they have an issue until the blood loss reaches a point where it affects their cognitive function and physical strength.

A doctor aware of the crash that you experienced can thoroughly evaluate you and potentially catch signs of an injury that requires treatment despite initially being invisible.

Who pays for those medical costs?

Many people hurt in car crashes automatically think about forgoing medical care because they assume their treatment will be expensive. Those without health insurance might think they can’t afford a hospital checkup following a crash.

However, the car insurance of the driver who caused the wreck will typically cover the medical costs related to the crash. If you see a doctor soon after the wreck, their diagnosis will help you qualify for bodily injury coverage from the other driver’s policy. Understanding what steps to take following a motor vehicle collision can help those frightened of the possible consequences.