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When a car accident affects your ability to work

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Your career may have been flourishing, and you were probably destined for greatness, only for a road accident to turn everything around. Suddenly, you are now bedridden and can’t even report to work.

The drastic change in your life can be devastating both physically and economically. Without the ability to earn a living, life can get unbearable as you may find it impossible to sustain yourself and your family or keep up with the bills.

Holding the negligent driver accountable

Fortunately, you can recover lost wages in your car accident claim. The amount you can claim is relative to the impact of your injuries on your career. For instance, if you need time away from work to recover from your injuries, you are entitled to the wages and benefits lost over that period.

Similarly, if your injuries diminish your capability to perform specific tasks and you can only work in a lower-paying job, you deserve compensation for the missed wages. 

Future lost earnings are also factored in a lost wages claim if your injuries are serious enough to affect your career in the long run.

Proving lost wages

You need to have medical evidence of your injuries to claim lost wages. A doctor’s report detailing how your injuries prevent you from working and the duration you are expected to be out, coupled with recent payslips, will go a long way in proving lost wages.

For lost potential income, you may need to involve an industry expert to ascertain the amount of the missed future wages based on their predictions of your career trajectory prior to the wreck.

Protecting your rights

If you or a loved one are in a position where you cannot work due to the injuries sustained in a car crash, it is advisable to learn more about what you should expect in the claims process. That way, you will know what to do to protect your claim and increase your chances of getting a fair settlement.