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3 ways to prevent a pet from distracting you while driving

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Car Accidents In The News |

Some people have to take their pets to a vet. Others just like to take their pets for short rides and fresh air. Whatever the reasons a pet might be in a car, they can be seriously distracting without a whole lot of discipline. 

If a cat, dog, reptile or feathered friend is going on a trip with you, you may want to take precautions to prevent distracted driving. Here are some options:

Pet crate

In much the same way a child would sit in a child seat to prevent them from rolling out or reaching too far forward, pet crates may prevent even the most anxious or rowdy pets from causing a distraction. Some crates are specifically designed to protect a pet if there was a sudden accident. 

Pet harness and seat belt

Pet harnesses often look like a vest that straps around an owner’s pet. These harnesses allow an owner to strap their pet to a seatbelt with the intent of holstering them in place. This may not only help an owner from being distracted from their pet but also prevent a pet from sliding out of its seat. 

Pet barrier or net

While many pets may have a unique pet crate or harness designed for them, some larger animals may not have the same tools that can support their size. Pet owners may consider switching to other safety equipment to prevent distracted driving – such as pet barriers or nets.

Pet owners could secure their pets behind a barrier or net which may prevent them from reaching the front seat. Pets, especially larger ones, can cause distractions while driving which could cause damage to your vehicle and serious injuries to you and your pet.

Just because you prepared your pet for a long car drive, doesn’t mean others will have the same foresight. If you’ve experienced a vehicle accident by a distracted driver, then you may need to know your options when recovering from your losses and medical bills.