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Month: April 2022

Gathering evidence after a road traffic collision

You’re a conscientious driver, who obeys the speed limits and never has a drink while driving. Unfortunately, this model behavior cannot guarantee you won’t get caught up in an accident. If you’re injured during a vehicular collision, what are your options? Obviously,...

What defenses are there against DUI charges?

Getting a DUI is a serious problem, even if no one was hurt in an accident. The legal and collateral consequences of a conviction can last for years or a lifetime and can make any future charges come with more severe consequences. No matter what kind of DUI charges...

When should you report a car crash to the Oklahoma police?

One of the first things many people do when they get into motor vehicle collisions is to contact emergency services. It is instinctual for some people to reach out for professional help in a moment of fear or panic. However, the other driver might have approached you...