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Will I ever be able to get a job again after a conviction?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

There are tens of thousands of people in Oklahoma with criminal records, and thousands more get convicted every year. Issues ranging from drunk driving to violent actions can lead to criminal charges.

Whether you pleaded guilty or the court convicted you of a charge, you will usually have a criminal record afterward. In some cases, people can avoid a criminal record due to pretrial diversion or due to their juvenile status. In most other cases, however, a conviction will likely affect you for years to come.

Will you be able to get a job again with a criminal record?

You could expect that most employers will check your record

It has never been easier to check someone’s background than it is in the internet age. Your employer may not even need to hire a professional to find records of your criminal charges or incarceration online. They shouldn’t use a criminal record as an excuse to discriminate, but otherwise, they can consider a relevant record when making employment decisions.

Unfortunately, neither federal nor Oklahoma law limits the right of employers to do background checks in most cases. In fact, state law mandates background checks for those working in certain positions, like in elementary schools.

The good news is that the longer it has been since your conviction, the less impact it may have. Additionally, some people may qualify for expungements to remove an old blemish and improve their future opportunities. Overall, however, it is usually easier to avoid a criminal record than to retroactively correct one.

Learning more about the charges against you can help you decide the best way to defend yourself.