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How serious is road rash from a motorcycle accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most motorcycle enthusiasts are already familiar with road rash, an abrasion in which skin is scraped away from the body. These injuries may arise in several situations, including sporting activities like skateboarding and high-speed motorcycle accidents.

In some cases, road rash from an accident is not severe and can heal with at-home care. Other times, road rash damage is deep enough to warrant lengthy and expensive medical treatment.

How can you tell when road rash is severe?

You will likely experience pain, swelling and bleeding even when the abrasions are minor, making discomfort a poor indicator of injury severity. Unfortunately, this means that you may overlook road rash that requires comprehensive treatment methods. Signs that may indicate a deep (and serious) road rash injury include:

  • Injury is three times larger than the palm of a hand
  • Bone or muscle is visible
  • Road rash affects the hands, face or genital area
  • Injury contains embedded foreign objects (glass, gravel, etc.)
  • Wounds bleed excessively

Road rash injuries, even minor ones, are susceptible to infection, potentially worsening the victim’s condition. Signs of an infected road rash injury include:

  • Increasing pain, swelling and redness
  • Warm to touch with fluid or pus
  • Fever, body aches and chills
  • Draining fluids smell foul

To recover, minimize scarring and prevent dangerous infections may require professional healthcare. A successful motorcycle accident claim can provide you with the financial compensation you need to pay for this medical care.

It is wise for motor vehicle accident victims in Norman, Oklahoma, to become familiar with state accident and injury compensation laws. Doing so can give you insight into how injury claims work in Oklahoma.