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3 benefits that might make divorce mediation a good choice

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Divorce |

Every couple in Oklahoma considering divorce will have to make decisions about how to handle that process. Some couples have marital agreements that they signed with one another. These agreements can create rules about property division, support and shared custody if the couple has kids.

Most families facing divorce won’t have a marital agreement. The spouses either need to reach a settlement or prepare for divorce litigation in the Oklahoma family courts. Mediation can be a great resource for couples who want to divorce while keeping conflict as low as possible. What are some of the benefits of using mediation to resolve your divorce disputes?

Mediation protects your privacy

Oklahoma state law is clear about the confidential nature of mediation. You and your ex can talk about everything from their worst habits to your financial practices in mediation with no fear of others learning those details. If you had to talk about the same things in family court, what you share could be part of the public record and could come back to haunt either of you at some point in the future. 

Mediation lets you make the big decisions

In an Oklahoma litigated divorce, a family law judge splits up your property and divides your parental responsibilities. Although you may invest a substantial amount of effort into presenting your case, you have no control over what the judge does.

When you go to mediation with your ex, you get to decide what happens in your divorce. So long as you don’t violate the law, you can set just about any terms that you will agree to in a mediated divorce.

Mediation reduces the degree of conflict

Divorce often leads to spouses fighting bitterly over certain assets or personal preferences. The more acrimonious your divorce becomes, the harder it will be for either of you or your children to move on afterward. When the two of you resolve your conflicts in mediation, use pave the way to a better working relationship by cooperating with one another rather than treating one another as adversaries.

Exploring the benefits of divorce mediation can help you decide if this solution is the right option for your family.