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Common back injuries after a vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Back injuries are among the most common injuries suffered in Oklahoma auto accidents, and they can happen anywhere along the spine. Even seemingly minor auto accidents can result in serious back injuries when the body gets contorted in a mishap. While major crashes can result in very serious back injuries that can easily include fractures of all sorts, many back injuries involve damaged vertebrae, cartilage, or nerve damage on some level. All of these problems can continue throughout life even with treatment, and many times surgery is required.


Probably the most common back injury suffered in motor vehicle accidents is whiplash. While most people associate this injury with the neck, it actually is more often an upper back issue that can extend to the shoulders as well. The upper spine is a crucial area of the body that is used in bending forward or support when raising the arms, and damage in this area of the back can be devastating and long-lasting for many.

Vertebrae fractures

Fractures along the spine are not uncommon in some motor vehicle accidents, and many times those injuries are to vertebrae. Fractured vertebrae can also result in additional damage to cartilage surrounding the bone, many times restricting the ability to move in a variety of ways. Additionally, discs can become herniated either during the accident or develop later during the healing process, often requiring surgery for a better rehabilitation prognosis.

Broken back

Clearly the most serious back injuries are those involving a complete breakage of the spine in some location. These injuries are very difficult to completely heal, and surgery is always needed on some level. They are also very complicated surgical processes that can take years to rehabilitate, if at all.