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Oklahoma castle doctrine or stand your ground laws

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Oklahoma statutes include what is known as a castle doctrine or stand your ground laws. A resident of Oklahoma is wise to have an essential understanding of what is included and excluded from the castle doctrine in the Sooner State.

Castle doctrine or stand your ground laws defined

The Oklahoma castle doctrine or stand your ground laws permit a person to the ability to utilize what is known as reasonable force to protect his or her person. This can include the use of deadly force is the situation warrants this type of lethal response.

Protecting yourself in your home and outside of your home

The stand your ground laws in Oklahoma are broad in their scope and application. Not only can you invoke the provisions of the castle doctrine in your home, but Oklahoma law also maintains that you have the legal ability to stand your ground when you are away from your residence. In other words, if you face a threat to your personal safety outside of your home, you have the ability to respond with force, including deadly force if reasonably deemed to be necessary. Pursuant to Oklahoma law, you are not obliged to flee the scene if your personal safety is threatened.

Criminal defense and the castle doctrine

The castle doctrine or stand your ground laws provide you with a criminal defense should you face charges as a result of using force to protect yourself. As was noted, if the response you made to protect your wellbeing is deemed reasonable, you are deemed to have complied with the law.

An Oklahoma criminal defense attorney could provide you more information about your legal rights under the castle doctrine or stand your ground laws. An attorney might arrange an initial consultation to discuss your particular situation at no charge.