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Does sneezing create real dangers for drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Accidents happen in Oklahoma for many reasons. Many people may be shocked to discover sneezing can lead to crashes. Surprisingly, sneezing at the wheel might force a dangerous distraction.

Sneezing could be a serious distraction

Olbas Max Strength performed a study that revealed a shocking admission from drivers polled. 7% reported they caused an accident due to sneezing. The notion that sneezing may contribute to accidents might seem strange, but it makes sense. Sneezing leads to people closing their eyes, moving their heads, and momentarily losing concentration. Someone going through sneezing fits may find those “issues” increase in duration.

Ultimately, sneezing may loosely fall under the umbrella of distracted driving. Distractions, regardless of the source, may lead to accidents.

Driving while sick might be negligent behavior

Sometimes, a person could sneeze without warning. Perhaps something in the air brought on the sneeze. Driving through a dusty area could cause sneezing fits. Of course, a cold or the flu may lead to repeated sneezing. Drivers might make a great mistake when choosing to the driver while sick.

If someone suffers from a cold or the flu and decides to drive, that person could place others at risk. Distracting symptoms, combined with a feeling of fatigue, might add up to a driver unable to concentrate or operate a vehicle safely.

Taking cold and flu medicine to overcome the symptoms might make things worse. Over-the-counter medicine could cause drowsiness, and “drowsy driving” contributes its fair share of road collisions. A person who takes too much OTC medicine may even become intoxicated.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents might feel it necessary to speak with an attorney. An attorney may deal with insurance companies and the civil courts for a client.