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Advance preparation can make divorce more bearable

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2020 | Divorce |

Oklahoma divorces generally are like any other in that they involve two people going through a highly emotional time and who sometimes revert to litigation in order to air personal grievances. Rather than getting caught up in these aspects, it is far better to focus on preparing your case and getting ready for your eventual life without a spouse. Good advance preparation can help to make the process go more smoothly and wrap up more quickly.

Documents drive divorce processes

Oklahoma family law courts need to see proof of assets, debts, incomes and other evidence that shows each spouse’s personal situation for the eventual division of assets. That means you need to provide many years of tax returns, bank accounts, property titles and other documents that back up your claims. It also helps to compile evidence of daily expenditures, health care costs and others that you or any children might incur to demonstrate a need for spousal support if you are not the primary earner. Your divorce attorney can help to determine which documents are most useful for your case and build a better argument.

Divorce costs usually run high

Given the emotional nature of a divorce, many estranged couples engage in extended legal fights over what might seem trivial to other people. Anything from who gets which family pet up to who is responsible for credit card debt often makes an already emotional legal fight even more personal and hotly contested. The costs of court filings, court appearances, legal discovery and other related expenditures generally run much higher than the parties anticipate at the outset.

Many divorces end in mediation

Odds are your proceedings will likely will wind up before a mediator who will weigh the evidence provided and make a binding ruling to enable the divorce to become final. About 80 percent of all divorces are settled in mediation, but you are entitled to have the assistance of an attorney throughout the process.