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Oklahoma doesn’t allow for the use of marijuana

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Marijuana Charges |

Marijuana is a drug that people debate over often, but there are still laws against it. One thing to remember is that the federal government says that marijuana is a Schedule I drug, so it is illegal to possess or sell in this country. Some states are setting their own rules about this, so people must remember that while they might comply with laws in some states, they might not be following federal law.

In Oklahoma, there isn’t any such thing as legal marijuana. Instead, you can face misdemeanor charges for possession charges if it is your first time. This increases to a felony if it is a subsequent charge. All cases for selling and trafficking are felonies.

Because the penalties are so harsh, with the least serious being up to a year in jail, you have to think carefully about your defense strategy. You might find that there are options in Oklahoma that help you face the criminal matter while providing you with the benefit of rehabilitation.

For the individuals who are facing charges due to an addiction, the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services offers treatment resources. Many times, criminal behaviors are due to dependence. Getting help for that problem is critical.

The state does have a program for drug court. This combines the criminal process and provides some supervision for the rehab process. It provides these individuals with the boost they need to see that there is another way. For nonviolent defendants who are facing charges for marijuana or other drugs, this program is an option to consider.