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Dashcam footage can impact a drunk driving defense

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | DUI Charges |

Police officers who initiate traffic stops when they have a reason to think a driver is drunk can face many questions if the case goes to trial. As part of a defense against these charges, the person could claim that there wasn’t a valid reason for them to be pulled over. There might also be questions about the actions of the police officer during the stop.

One thing that can impact your defense is the presence of a dashcam video. You might benefit from the video if it shows that there wasn’t anything that should have led to the traffic stop. The video can go against you if it shows blatant reasons for a traffic stop.

Before your case goes to trial, your defense attorney will determine how to handle the dashcam video. The video can show a lot about the traffic stop, so it can either corroborate what you claim or it can show that you aren’t telling the full truth. You have to be honest with your attorney about what happened so they can plan your defense strategy accordingly.

If the officer did something that violated your rights, it might be evident on the footage. Being able to show that the police officer did something wrong can help your case, so scrutinizing the video is beneficial.

Because dashcam footage is evidence, your attorney might file motions to have certain things excluded from the court proceedings. This is usually done if it puts an unfavorable light on you, but you have to be prepared to address the video if it isn’t tossed out and might have a negative impact on your defense.