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Consider the goal of your marijuana defense strategy

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Marijuana Charges |

Marijuana usage is something that is becoming more commonplace as national attitudes shift on the subject and its usage becomes more widely accepted for medicinal purposes.

Unfortunately, this drug can still lead to legal trouble for many people. Despite the relaxations on the drug at the state level, it’s still illegal on a federal level. And, anyone caught with the drug without the proper certifications for medical use can still face charges on a state level. If you are facing charges related to marijuana, it’s important to take the time to learn about the laws that apply to your case and what penalties you might face.

If you do find yourself facing marijuana charges, you need to look at the options that you have for combating them. There is a chance that you might be able to qualify for a program that helps you avoid the criminal penalties that you are facing. For example, some people who don’t have violent offenses might be able to get into a drug court program instead.

We know that you are facing a difficult time right now. You might be trying to press on with your life, but you may realize that you need to take the time to address the charges you are facing. We are here to help you review the possible defense strategies you might utilize in your case. In order to decide what course you want to take, you need to determine your goals — whether that’s to avoid conviction entirely, get moved into a treatment program or negotiate for reduced charges and a lighter sentence. We may be able to help you navigate your choices.